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COGN 21 Section Notes - Section 4/15/11 Previsualization:...

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Previsualization: Any attempt to visualize scenes in a movie before filming begins Humans have natural behavior to connect things to tell a story Encompasses techniques such as storyboarding (hand drawn sketches or use of digital technology or photographic processes) Advantages: o Allows the director to experiment with staging, art direction options (lighting, camera placement, movement) Exercise Sequences/series of images to interpret the quotes (12 images) Evoke a mood/psychological space through these images that reflect these quotes; does not have to be linear Genre : the categorization of narrative films by form (the ways in which the story is told), content (the kind of stories they tell), or both o Western: portrayal of difficult and desolate conditions of frontier life o Horror: unsettling stories, which elicit emotions (fear, disgust horror) o Science fiction: presentation of transformative mirrors of society based on something that already exists, but in an alternate reality; scientific basis protagonist can transgress the predetermined reality o Musical: performed songs are woven into narrative, songs used to advance plot o Film noir: cynical attitudes and sexual motivations Genres emerge organically to fulfill a cultural need Risk and benefit of genres: o Risk: adherence to established rules of genre leads to formulaic results o Offer familiar conventions, which easily translate to predictable outcomes o Benefit: rules offer filmmaker to honor traditions and innovate change Genre conventions: o Theme: unifying theme o Setting: location where it takes place or how the environment is portrayed o Presentation: key uses of cinematic language; technique o Character types” specific character “types” personify the narrative elements Westerns: cowboy duality of order and chaos o Story formulas: the way the movie’s tory in structured o Stars certain actors embody these rules Film Noir, “Black Film” 1940s, post war, post depression, dark view of American experience representation of institutions and cities, a bleak, often cynical view
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COGN 21 Section Notes - Section 4/15/11 Previsualization:...

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