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Lecture Notes 5_17

Lecture Notes 5_17 - o Is depoliticized speech turning...

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Lecture Notes 5/17/11 Grade breakdown: o Attendance / Participation: 20% o Visualization: 5% o Formal Analysis Draft: 5% Final: 25% o Cultural Analysis Outline: 10% - May 26, Thurs. Cultural Analysis Final (5-7 pages): 35% - June 7 th, 7-10pm Paper arguing the social significance/ meaning of a film Ideally, compel the reader to see this film Explaining how the film has an impact on you Possible discussions: Ideology and culture, critiques in the film, etc. What the film means and how? Not a paper about formal elements like editing, etc. but more about what it means and how it ties into society Roland Barthes, Mythologies o Myth: words and objects have the organized capacity to say something, signs, appear natural (to the consumer) what they say appear eternal, true, necessary Not arbitrary, made, contingent (dependent) Made natural, people take it for granted o A second order of signification (semilogical system): signifier, signified, sign o Is form and concept: signifier both content and form
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Unformatted text preview: o Is depoliticized speech: turning reality inside out, emptied of history and filled with nature, removed human meaning into human insignificance, to empty reality…a perceptible absence… o Inoculation: admitting accidental evil, to (conceal principal evil) protects it against generalized subversion o Critiquing value system of the bourgeois o Myth-making today: Tautology: different words to day the same thing, self reinforcing statements on the assumption that they are already correct Neither-norism: setting two opposites and balancing one by the other as to reject them both; reality is reduced to analogues Quantification of quality, economizing intelligence The statement of fact • Film: Waltz With Bashir o Therapeutic experience of film o Memory, trauma, PTSD o Imagery: desolate, underworld-like, video game-like o Tying to myth: what myths are made?, how are they being critiqued? o Myth of the enemy?...
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Lecture Notes 5_17 - o Is depoliticized speech turning...

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