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SIO Notes Intro - NOTES PG. 1-13 Air is tasteless,...

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NOTES PG. 1-13 Air is tasteless, colorless, and odorless responsible for everything that happens on Earth all interaction, weather, oceans Earth is nearly 150 million kilometers (93 mi) from Earth only receives small fraction but this radiant energy (radiation) drives the atmosphere into the patterns of everyday wind and weather, allows life to flourish At its surface, the Earth maintains an average temperature of about 15C (59 F), but Earth experiences wide range of temperatures Atmosphere : thin, gaseous enveloped comprised of nitrogen, oxygen, with small amounts of gases such as water vapor and carbon dioxide Almost 99% of atmosphere lies within a mere 30km of the earth’s surface Shields from ultraviolent radiant energy and material from interplanetary space No definite upper limit becomes thinner and thinner Nitrogen: 78% of atmosphere, Oxygen: 21% Balance between destruction (output) and production (input) nitrogen removed from atmosphere by biological processes, plankton & returned through decaying matter; oxygen removed by decaying organic matter and when combined with other substances and breathing and returned through photosynthesis Concentration of water into atmospheric gases varies greatly from place to place o Changing of water vapor into liquid water: condensation o Changing of liquid water into water vapor: evaporation Water vapor abundant in the lower atmosphere: only substance that exists as a gas, liquid, and solid occupies less than 4% in a volume of air, can condense into liquid cloud droplets or transform into delicate ice crystals Important for precipitation, it releases large amounts of heat when it changes from
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SIO Notes Intro - NOTES PG. 1-13 Air is tasteless,...

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