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History4ClectureNotes - Key themes Technologies of violence...

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March 31, 2009 Key themes: Technologies of violence Nationalism and Terrorism Imperialism and Globalization East/West Role of the Media and Visual Culture Liberty vs. Security, Rights vs. Authority Modernity? Age of Revolutions—and the creation of new ideas: Democracy Nationalism Liberalism Socialism Communism Feminism Industrialization: new ways of making, moving, thinking about and using goods. New set of ideologies. April 2, 2009 1. Giving birth to modernity? 2. Inventing the Old Regime Term “invented” during the French Revolution (1789 and after) to mean the period the revolutionaries were trying to erase. “the time of the seigneurs” or aristocrats Seen as unchanging and uncivilized. Old regime is the idea of the past is bad. The past is foreign. Comes for the enlightenment. Theme of the old regime is that people were uncivilized. 3. A society of insecurity Death is particularly present during this time period. Church is the center of life and the cemeteries surround them. Constantly reminds of the public of mortality Confronting death every time they had a child.
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Disease is prevalent during these times. (Bubonic plague). Witch Trials are a sign of the insecurities during the time. Little Red Riding Hood shows the dangers of the nature. The anxiety of the natural world. 4. A search for order They searched for order in within the family, community, and the Church. Family is the basis of society and the basis of the other two. Patriarchal families. Father in charge of money, kids, wife, workers, etc. They show their loyalty to their local communities. Generally married within their local community. Didn’t travel very far. The Sun King: Louis 14 th . Reigned from 1642-1715. He is the symbol of the power and the father of the country. They ruled by divine right. The Church symbolizes the presence of God on earth. Imagined as a home. Pope is considered the father of his people in Catholic countries. The family is the model of the economy. Business are conducted based upon the family model. 5. A new culture~ “The Enlightenment” The intellectual triangle extends from London, Paris, and Amsterdam. Considered a cultural revolution Urban culture The world is knowable and governed by natural laws Reason and scientific inquiry can reveal truth Human beings can be “improved” through education. Revolt against tradition (Church/Monarch) Leaders of the enlightenment talk about equality, freedom of religion. Gravity becomes the law for natural law. God becomes the watchmaker. Deists believe that God created the world but then let it go.
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