PS 6 Notes France and Sweden

PS 6 Notes France and Sweden - October 10, 2008 French...

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October 10, 2008 French Economy 6th largest economy High Employment (9%) High Level of Social Services: 1. “The French Social Model” 2. Ranked best healthcare in the world by the WHO. 3. 35 hour work week, 6 weeks vacation. 4. Affordable housing due to public housing and rent subsidies. 5. Welfare programs cover most people, not just the poor. Interests groups have little influence: 1. Labor Relation conflicts. 2. High protest activity affecting all sectors. French Political Culture Concerns about inequality—especially between native French and immigrants. 1. Large Muslim population from Africa. 2. Sub-standard living conditions in Cities. 3. Youth violence in 2005. Concerns about nationalism- rise of Le Pen (2002): 1. May be due to globalization/European integration. Review: Liberal Democracies Electoral Systems 1. Durverger’s Law: SMDP=Two-party systems. (two-ballot SMD=two-bloc systems) 2. Durverger’s hypothesis: PR=multi-party systems Party Systems: 1. Single-party Majorities govern alone. 2. Two-block systems alternate in power. 3. Multiple minority parties govern in coalition: a. Formal (in government) or b. Informal (in parliament) Party Families
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Far Right: Nationalist Conservatives: Preserve status quot; no “redistribution”
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PS 6 Notes France and Sweden - October 10, 2008 French...

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