PS 6- India

PS 6- India - India Worlds largest democracy(1B on 1/3 land...

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October 24, 2008 India World’s largest democracy- (1B + on 1/3 land in US) o Multi-party, parliamentary, federal republic, with a President as head of state (elected by electoral college including both houses of parliament and state legislatures. Poor—rural: majority of population in agriculture, huge mega cities. Nuclear Power Conducted multiple tests in 1998, as did Pakistan. Possibility for war. India: An “Improbably Democracy” Universal Suffrage prior to the Industrial Revolution; large agricultural population. Incomplete/inadequate social services. The poor and lowest castes vote more than the rich. Hyper-diversity: regional (29), Hyper-Diversity Stark Rural Multiple Languages Multiple Religions o Majority Hindu; large Muslim population (11%)- third largest in world behind Indonesia and Pakistan. Caste System (social apartheid) Political System Parliamentary government (British Heritage) o Prime Minister appoints Council of Ministers (cabinet) Centralized State Administration (British) o Strong, professional bureaucracy o National armed forces. Representatives elected by SMDP o Districts represent 1.9 million people on average o “Party-centered” elections (like Britain)
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Federal and Bicameral Upper house represents the states, most members elected by state legislatures Lower house = people State government Supreme Court with judicial review Political Development Hindu Heritage (World’s third largest religion) 1990s: Rise of opposition parties (BJP) Fragmented party system Coalition government Fragile governments Threat of nuclear weapons (1974-1998) Religious, linguistic, and ethnic division. Parties and Elections
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PS 6- India - India Worlds largest democracy(1B on 1/3 land...

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