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PS 6-Mexico

PS 6-Mexico - Mexico Governed by one party(PRI from 1929 to...

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Mexico Governed by one party (PRI) from 1929 to 1997 when it lost its majority in Congress. First non-PRI president in 2000, second in 2006. Elections are more competitive today: Freedom House from partly free to free. Why not like U.S.? Mexican-American War (1845-1847): deep resentment of US imperialism. The Porfirato (1877-1910): Miltary Dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz. Small elite monopolized political power and economic opportunities- exporting raw materials and resources. The revolution of 1910. o Includes class reformers and a peasant revolt The Constitution of 1917 Establishes current political institutions Guarantees social and economic rights: o Social Security (1935) o Right to organize in unions (1935) o 8 hour work day, minimum wage (1938) o Profit Sharing o Secular education (1918-elementary school) Only Mexicans can own land or rights to resources; (government owns minerals). Political System Federal Republic Bi-cameral Independent Judiciary Checks and Balances Presidential o More powerful due to centralization and paternalism MMS (mixed member system)
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o Electoral system reform (1970s): increase PR seats counter presidential power. Presidentialism in Mexico President makes executive appointments Controls Party nominations to Congress Party nominations for Governors Can rule by decree Has emergency powers Appoints heads of state owned banks Approves textbooks How did the PRI monopolize power for so long? (1929-2000) The power of the Catholic Church is destroyed The power of Foreign Investors is limited New Constitution centralizes power in national government
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  • Spring '11
  • moosbrugger
  • economic crisis, Institutional Revolutionary Party, current political institutions, PRI monopolize power, nationalist economic policies

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PS 6-Mexico - Mexico Governed by one party(PRI from 1929 to...

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