PS 7- Neoliberalism

PS 7- Neoliberalism - October 21, 2009 Complex...

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October 21, 2009 Complex Interdependence: Keohane and Nye Interdependence vs. Interconnectedness Do not worry about sensitivity vs. vulnerability What makes modern interdependence “complex”? Multiple channels—Interstate, trans-governmental, and transnational Lack of hierarchy of issues Military force in not fungible-less fungible in the modern world. What are the driving forces behind interdependence? The revolution of transportation costs- fallen dramatically Communication costs are very low-virtually free now Microprocessor and Microchip revolution 2 nd or 3 rd image theory? 2 nd image theory, neoliberal mostly 2 nd image Is globalization something different? Yes, globalization is different. It is complex interdependence on crack! International Institutions: International institutions Two types International Governmental Organizations (IGOs) Members are states The UN is not a world government, nor was it intended to be. The three B’s:
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PS 7- Neoliberalism - October 21, 2009 Complex...

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