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Chem 105 Lab Syllabus Spring 2011

Chem 105 Lab Syllabus Spring 2011 - Accelerated Essentials...

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Accelerated Essentials of Chemistry Laboratory Chem 105L Spring 2011 Course Objective The laboratory portion of this course is designed to supplement Chemistry 105 by providing “hands-on” labs for students. These labs allow students to apply the problem-solving skills learned in lecture and also introduce students to laboratory equipment and supplies. Sectio n Day & Time Instructor email -001 Tu 1:40pm – 4:30pm Bryan Diebels [email protected] -002 Th 10:40am – 1:30pm Brad Bammel [email protected] -003 F 10:40am – 1:30pm Nick Spiropulos [email protected] -004 Th 6:00pm – 8:50pm Jeremy Daniels [email protected] -005 F 7: 40am – 10:30am Nick Spiropulos [email protected] Required materials Lab manual: Chemistry 105L Laboratory Manual, 2010-2011 Edition by Chemistry Staff* Other materials: Appropriate eyewear and clothing** Calculator *Lab Manual The manual for this course should be purchased at the bookstore by the first lab period. Students who fail to bring the appropriate manual in for lab will not be allowed to complete the lab. **Approved Eyewear and Clothing Each student must have approved eye protection during all wet laboratories. The only approved eyewear that may be worn must either be purchased from the bookstore or meet the safety standards set by the chemistry department. If approved eye protection is not worn, the student will not be allowed to complete the lab. The eye protection requirement can be satisfied in one of two ways: 1) Goggles with clear lenses that fit completely around the eyes and can be worn over prescription glasses; 2) Safety glasses with clear lenses and side shields. Both are available from the bookstore. The stockroom will NOT supply safety goggles. Each student must come to lab with appropriate clothing. If appropriate clothing is not worn, the student will not be allowed to complete the lab. Appropriate clothing includes: 1) Closed- toe and heel shoes (no sandals, clogs or shoes that expose the top area of the foot!); 2) Pants that cover ankles; 3) No “T-straps” or sleeveless shirts (short sleeves are ok), no shirts with bare midriffs; and 4) Long hair pulled back in a ponytail. Note : Both eyewear and appropriate clothing must be brought to lab by the first wet lab period of the semester (the first wet lab is the second week of classes!). Failure to do so will result in the student not being allowed to complete the lab (and a score of 0).
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