End of Chapter Problem and Problems Moduel 3

End of Chapter Problem and Problems Moduel 3 - Christopher...

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Christopher Brooks Tuesday, August 30, 2011 Bus 340 Ethical and Legal Issues in Business Professor James Goff End of Chapter Problems Chapter 9-Problem 9 Article 2 expressly applies only to contracts for the sale of goods [2-102] (Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, & Langvardt, 2010, p. 296). In addition, water companies are considered service providers the court would probably treat the water that company supplied as a product. Most Water Utility billing statements specify charges of quantity of gallons used per month, meaning the consumer will pay for the quantity of water or product they consume. However, products should meet government standards and regulations and the business or company should be held liable if they do not comply. Regarding the case of the Galls and the McKeesport Municipal Water Authority supplied water to the Galls household which did not comply with quality controls or government regulations which in return supplied contaminated water. The water company is liable for providing this defective product; as a result, the company has breached the UCC implied warranty of merchantability and the Galls claim should not be Chapter 9-Problem 10 Schumacher had a verbal agreement with his parents, where he was promised a job for life managing the restaurant, the benefit of keeping all the profits, and that he would keep the business and a piece of land upon the death of the first parent. Given this verbal agreement, Schumacher quit his job and moved with his family to take over the business. He built a property for his family, purchased equipment and marketing tools for the business, using his own funding.
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End of Chapter Problem and Problems Moduel 3 - Christopher...

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