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Professor Stefan KouKoudeas,  M.Ed Personal Definition:  Taking a piece of another  author’s writing that has  been published and  presenting the information as  your own work. Consequences to GCU Students. List the consequences, perhaps in order  of harshness . In class penalty determined by the  professor, redoing the assignment  with or without point deductions,  or no point grade given for  assignment Official academic warning from  University level serving the student  a failing grade Removal of student from class,  academic suspension, or expulsion  for 2 years Plagiarism “If you didn’t do the work then you better quote” Christopher Brooks Plagiarism is Unethical. Explain why plagiarism is unethical.  When taking the work of  someone else’s and claiming it  as your own is not right and is  consider stealing. Cause suspicion on the honest 
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Plagiarism_Brochure - PlagiarismisUnethical....

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