Assignment # 6

Assignment # 6 - Christopher Brooks Monday, September 05,...

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Christopher Brooks Monday, September 05, 2011 UNV-103 University Success Professor Stefan Koukoudeas M.Ed Skills for a Healthy Childhood Raising a child, a parent does not have an owner’s manual as if he or she just purchased a new car. Parents want their kid to be successful, intelligent, with necessary skills they need to be an excellent adult in life. A parent needs three things to teach their children: moral, spiritual values, respect and independence. Integrating these three things into a child’s livelihood will enable the child to become an excellent human being. Moral and spiritual values play an important role in childhood because so many of them exist. When children are not taught from a young age about moral and spiritual values, it can be disastrous. How will a child learn right from wrong; how can he or she live a stable, secure life if he or she does not understand right from wrong? A child is not able to stay out of trouble if he or she does not have spiritual guidance from their parents to train him or her about responsibility. “Having a strong moral and spiritual foundation will help children grow up to be stable, responsible individuals”(Whitmore). “Children with strong moral and spiritual values will think more about others, more seriously about the consequences of their choices and make smarter choices” (Whitmore). They tend to live according to the laws that are set forth, and are less likely to get involved in drugs, alcohol abuse, illicit sexual behaviors, and other criminal activities (Whitmore). No perfect person exists in the world, and we all make mistakes; yet, when we do something inappropriate in front of a child, we need to acknowledge that we did something
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inappropriate and explain to our child that consequences exist for doing wrongful acts. Our lives
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Assignment # 6 - Christopher Brooks Monday, September 05,...

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