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Unformatted text preview: PHY 121 ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM AND MODERN PHYSICS PHY 132: ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM AND MODERN PHYSICS COURSE GUIDE NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NOUN 2 PHY 121 ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM AND MODERN PHYSICS 1.0 Introduction PHY132 electricity, magnetism and modern physics is a one semester 2 credits, foundation level course. It will be available to all students to take towards the core module of their B.Sc. Education, and other programmes B.Sc computer science, environmental studies and The course comprises 20 study units (4 modules), which involve basic principles of Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics. The material ha been developed in such a way that students with at least a credit pass at the ordinary level of equivalent will follow quite easily. There are no compulsory pre requisites for the course. However, you are strongly advised to have adequate grasp of Further Mathematics or Applied Mathematics. This course guide tells you briefly what the course is about, what course materials you will be using and how to work your way through these materials. Is suggests some general guidelines for the TIME to complete it successfully. It also gives you some guidance on your tutor-marked assignments. There are regular tutorial classes that are linked to the course. You are advised to attend these sessions regularly. Details of time and locations of tutorials will be given to you at the point of registration for the course. 2.0 What You Will Learn In This Course The overall aim of PHY132 is to introduce the basic principle and application of Electrical Energy and its association with Magnetism. During the course you will learn that an electric field is always associated with a magnetic field and vice versa. You would see that this bond between Electricity and Magnetism is the basis of many scientific and technology developments during the last century. Towards the end of the course you will be introduced into some aspects of Modern Physics where we have introduced some new concepts to explain sub-atomic phenomena. These include quantum theory, and energy levels in atoms. NOUN 3 PHY 121 ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM AND MODERN PHYSICS 3.0 Course Aims The aim of this course can be summarized as follows: this course aims to give you an understanding of Electricity, Magnetism and Modern Physics and their applications in everyday life. This will be achieved by ι Introd ucing you to the funda mental s of Electri city, Magne tism and Moder n Physic s as subject s on their own right. ι Demo nstrati ng how the variou s theorie s can be applie d to real life situati ons. NOUN 4 PHY 121 ELECTRICITY, MAGNETISM AND MODERN PHYSICS ι Explai ning some funda mental concep ts in Electri city, Magne tism and Moder n Physic s....
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