A Multifacited Interface

A Multifacited Interface -...

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Unformatted text preview: --------------------------------------------------------Microsoft Windows 95 README for Microsoft WindowsAugust l995 --------------------------------------------------------(c) Copyright Microsoft Corporation, 1995------------------------HOW TO USE THIS DOCUMENT-------------------------To view Readme.txt on screen in Notepad, maximize the Notepad window.TTo print Readme.txt, open it in Notepad or another word processor, then use the Print command on the File menu.t--------CONTENTS---------IF YOU HAVEN'T INSTALLED WINDOWS 95LIST OF WINDOWS 95 README FILESHOW TO READ README FILESUNINSTALLING WINDOWS 95---------IF YOU HAVEN'T INSTALLED WINDOWS 95====================================Additional setup information is available in Setup.txt. You can view Setup.txt using Notepad with Windows 3.1. You can find the file on Windows 95 installation disk 1. If you purchased Windows 95 on a CD-ROM, you can find Setup.txt in the \Win95 directory.LIST OF WINDOWS 95 README FILES===============================In addition to Readme.txt, Windows 95 provides the following readme files:fConfig.txtContains syntax information for commands you usewith your Config.sys file.Display.txt Provides information about how to configure and correct problems for available drivers and how to obtain additional display drivers. aExchange.txtProvides information to help you set up and run Microsoft Exchange.rExtra.txtProvides information about where to find additional Windows 95 files, such as updates and drivers, in addition to files available only in the CD-ROM version of Windows 95.oFaq.txtAnswers frequently asked questions about Windows 95.WGeneral.txt Provides information about startup problems, General....
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A Multifacited Interface -...

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