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M 346 - Syllabus - Applied Linear Algebra M346 Unique...

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Unique Number: 55340 Fall/2011 Lecture: TTh 9:30 to 10:45 AM at RLM 6.114 Instructor: Chia-Chieh Chu (Please call me Jay) Office: RLM 10.132 Tel: 512-471-1141 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: TTh11:00AM – 12:30PM at my office or by appointment Text book: Lorenzo Sadun, Applied Linear Algebra; the Decoupling Principle, second edition. I. Course Aims and Objectives: Basically, the course will cover the materials of Chapter 1 thru Chapter 7 plus part of 8, with occasional skipped sections of the text book. More detail is provided in tentative schedule listed below. This is a course in serious mathematics, not a cookbook. As such, results in lecture, and in the book, should generally be proved rigorously. However, it's not an intro-to-proof class, and is aimed at an audience of engineers, economists and physicists (as well as mathematicians), so *writing* proofs should only play a minor role in the problem sets and exams. This course carries the Quantitative Reasoning flag. Quantitative Reasoning courses are designed to equip you with skills that are necessary for understanding the types of quantitative arguments you will regularly encounter in your adult and professional life. You should therefore expect a substantial portion of your grade to come from your use of quantitative skills to analyze real-world problems. II. Prerequisite and Degree Relevance: The prerequisite is M341 (or M311) or M340L, with a grade of C or better, or consent of the instructor. We expect students to have a good feel for manipulating matrices, especially row reduction, but also taking determinants. We also expect students to have seen abstract vector spaces and linear transformations, but some rustiness is expected, and those topics should be reviewed. It is not assumed that students have seen eigenvalues and eigenvectors; those should be done from scratch. III. Grading Procedures: Grades will be based on: (a) 15% Homework assignments. You can drop the lowest two grades. (b) 50% 2 midterm exams, each one for 25%. (c) 35% Final exam. (d) 5% In class quiz bonus Homework assignments: Homework assignments will be posted on blackboard every Thursday at noon (start from Aug. 25.). Homework will be collected on the following Thursday during the lecture. Midterm and Final exams: There will be 2 in-class midterm exams. They are scheduled for the dates: Tuesday September 20, and Tuesday October 25, during the lecture time . Final is Friday, December 9, 2:00-5:00pm. Save these dates. No Make-up exams will be given except serious illness (with documented proof) or serious personal reason (please discuss with me). No textbook or calculator is allowed for exams. 1
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M 346 - Syllabus - Applied Linear Algebra M346 Unique...

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