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BME 233 – Modern Diagnostic Imaging Systems Spring 2011 Homework Assignment #8 Posted: March 15, 2011 Due: March 22, 2011 at the beginning of class Read sections 10.4 and all of Chapter 11 of your book, and then complete the following problems: 1. Prince and Links, problem 11.3 – use Matlab to sketch plots and make images a) 4pts, b) 4 pts, c) 4 pts, d) 3 pts 2. Given a linear ultrasound transducer array having elements of width d = 0.1mm and spacing between elements h=0.1mm, compute the maximum frequency that can be used that avoids grating lobes at less than (a) 45 degrees, and (3 pts) (b) 90 degrees. (3 pts) 3. Prince and Links, problem 11.6 a) 5 pts, b) 5 pts 4. Prince and Links, problem 11.7 a) 3 pts, b) 2 pts, c) 3 pts, d) 2 pts 5. Prince and Links, problem 11.10 (10 pts) 6. Prince and Links, problem 11.12 – parts (b) through (e) only b) 4 pts, c) 2 pts, d) 2 pts, e) 2 pts 7. Kasai’s one dimensional autocorrelation technique is an often used technique for estimating velocity in pulsed-wave Doppler systems:
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