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Guidelines for Topical Presentation and Writing Assignment **This assignment is worth 100 pts=10% of the lab grade.** Assignment 1 – Choosing a topic and notifying your TA of your choice Due Date: Wed/Thurs January 26/27. This assignment is worth 10 points. • Work as a group to decide on a microbiological topic of your choice. The topic can be anything related to microbiology, including, but not limited to, genetics, epidemics, water quality, viral infections, microbes in the news media, ecology, systematics, new species, drug resistance, pathogenicity, diversity, evolution, and symbioses. Peruse your textbook for inspiration. • After deciding on a topic, each student in the group will choose one aspect of that topic to write on. Work together to make sure the topic chosen is not too narrow a field! Each group turns in a topic list to the TA with: 1) the topic the group chose to write about, and 2) what subtopic each group member will be writing on (list names and topics). •Purpose of Assignment:
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topic%20assignment%20SP11 - Guidelines for Topical...

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