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LAB PRACTICAL – RULES AND GUIDELINES The exam is divided into 25 stations around the room. Stations are labeled with arrows directing you which direction to go next. You will have 2 minutes per station . You will have 20 minutes at the end to look over your answers, but you may not go back to any of the stations. On your answer sheet, circle the station number that you start at. You may not return to a station . Use your answer sheets to jot down notes. At all times, keep your eyes on your own station. Do not discuss the lab practical with others until after the last lab section (Tuesday afternoon) has completed it. Only one person is allowed at a station at a time.
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Unformatted text preview: You may not move into empty stations when it is not your turn. • The TA will check the stations periodically. If you suspect something is wrong with your station, raise your hand to let the TA know so they can correct the problem. • No points will be awarded for illegible answers. • TAs will not grade based on your notes. Only answers written in the appropriate space will qualify for points. Please make it clear what your final answer is. • Put books and bags on the shelves or in the back room. You may bring only a pen or pencil to the practical (no scrap paper, no calculators). Get your pen ready and everything packed up so we can start quickly after entering the room....
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