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Lo Allison Lo LJ 282 Professor Burton April 25, 2007 Final Essay Synopsis Topic: The Decline of the Samurai Class during the Edo Period (1603-1867) For my final essay, I will focus on the decline of the samurai class during the Edo period. Using text from the Chushingura and the Yotsuya Ghost Stories , I will examine how the status of the samurai slowly declined in society and how the samurai code slowly disappeared. I have chosen to use the Chushingura and Yotsuya Ghost Stories because the first story captures the beginning of the decline of the samurai, whereas the second story captures the samurai at their worst and depicts how destitute some samurai had become. During the Edo period, society saw a growing number of ronin (masterless samurai). Unlike previous periods in Japanese history where ronin were allowed to seek employment from different masters, the samurai during the Edo period were restricted and forbidden to serve another master. With no job and place in society, many ronin often drank the rest of their money away in tea houses and became a problem for society. In the
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LJ 282-Final Essay Synopsis - Lo 1 Allison Lo LJ 282...

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