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LJ 282- Assignment 3

LJ 282- Assignment 3 - Lo 1 Allison Lo Professor Burton LJ...

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Lo Allison Lo Professor Burton LJ 282 April 6, 2006 Ghost Stories at Yotsuya First performed in 1825, the kabuki play Yotsuya Ghost Stories was preceded by a performance of the heroic classic Chushingura. The Yotsuya Ghost Stories focused on a lesser samurai, Iemon and his cronies. In the play Iemon attempted to get rid of his wife Oiwa in order to marry Master Kihei’s daughter Oume and achieve a position as a retainer under Lord Moronao. In order to get rid of Oiwa, she was falsely given a medicinal potion that was actually a disfiguring potion. Oiwa went crazy and insane after seeing her disfigured face and accidentally killed herself by running into Kohei’s sword. Even though Iemon’s plan worked and Oiwa was dead, Iemon was still unable to live happily ever after because Oiwa’s spirit haunted him and destroyed him and everyone else close to him. On the other hand, the Chushingura focused on more than one samurai. In fact the play focused on Lord Enya’s forty seven ronin who plotted and planned an elaborate revenge plan. Lord Enya had been insulted and angered by Lord Moronao and thus struck out against Lord Moronao. As a punishment Lord Enya was ordered to commit seppuku.
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