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tut notes - 1 Paul Krugman “Taking on China” The New...

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EC2374 2010 Tutorial Four: Week 9 and Week 10 Tasks : Matters related to group project and presentation; Group discussion on the readings and questions (one member to be the rapporteur for the group to record and later upload the discussion); Class discussion and summing up. Key questions for discussion : 1. Currency and trade disputes Is Chinese RMB undervalued? What would be the likely outcome of a RMB appreciation? 2. Energy and environment Why has China’s energy intensity surged in recent years? Has China’s leaders changed their attitude toward climate change? Readings: Below are some short readings relevant to the questions. You may also use other readings.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Paul Krugman, “Taking on China”, The New York Times , 15 Mar, 2010. 2. Paul Krugman, “Chinese New Year”, The New York Times , 1 Jan, 2010. 3. Yiping Huang, “Krugman’s Chinese renminbi fallacy”, East Asia Forum, 15 Mar, 2010. 4. Pieter Bottelier and Uri Dadush, “The myth about China’s currency”, The New York Times , 20 Mar 2010. 5. Shiu Sin Por, “The Problem is not China”, The New York Times , 20 Mar, 2010. 6. Anonymous, "Melting Asia", The Economist , 5 Jun, 2008 7. Anonymous, "The perils of abundance", The Economist , 13 Mar, 2008...
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