Biology Notes 2.1-2.2

Biology Notes 2.1-2.2 - 03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes...

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03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes CH. 2 WATER & CARBON: THE CHEMICAL BASIS OF LIFE (p15-26) 08/31/11 - Key Concepts on p. 15 - Mother of all questions – How did life begin? - Chemical evolution – A theory that is the leading scientific explanation for the origin of life o Pattern component – Simple chemical compounds combined to form more complex carbon-containing substances that accumulated in oceans o Process component – Complex carbon-containing compounds formed b/c energy in sunlight & extremely hot water → chemical energy in the form of new chemical bonds o Continued inputs of energy led to formation of increasingly complex carbon-containing substances o Eventually became a compound that could self-replicate - Switch from chemical evolution to biological evolution 1. Atoms, Ions, and Molecules: The Building Blocks of Chemical Evolution - o Make up 96% of all matter found in organism o In early history, existed only in simple substances (ie. Water & carbon dioxide, 3 atoms apiece) - 2 questions regarding how elements could have evolved into more complex substances o What is the physical structure of H, O, C, N found in living cells? o What is the structure of the simple molecules that acted as the building blocks of chem evol? - Structure affects function o Must understand how a molecule is put together to understand how it affects you - Nucleus = proton + neutron o Electrons orbit nucleus - Atomic number – Number of protons in each atom of an element - Mass number – Sum of the protons & neutrons in an atom - Isotopes – Forms of an element with different numbers of neutrons o Have different masses - Dalton – Special unit used to measure mass of protons , neutrons, and electrons o 1 proton / 1 neutron = 1 dalton o Mass of electron is so small, usually ignored - Orbitals – Specific regions in which electrons move around atomic nuclei
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Biology Notes 2.1-2.2 - 03-121 Modern Biology | Book Notes...

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