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Josh MarcusCruz Final Paper - Josh W Marcus Walter Why is...

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Josh W. Marcus Walter Why is the world the way it is? This is about as broad and universal a question as one can imagine. Being as human beings are emotional beings capable of imagining and then creating a future for themselves, it is a question every human being internalizes throughout their life. Throughout history, there have been many different contextual approaches to this question. Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad (among others) made sense of the world through God and a holy text. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle reached understandings of the world through logic and crafted philosophies. When approaching this question from the perspective of why certain societal groups are fated for better more peaceful and affluent lives than others, it gets unsurprisingly complicated. With an admitted affinity towards egalitarian meritocracy, in this paper I will attempt to give my personal reasons for my opinion of the world and my hopes for the future. I have personally always felt a conflicted sense of identity towards the U.S. I was born and raised in New Jersey. My Jewish Father married my mother, a Catholic, on the condition that their children be raised Jewish and given a Bar Mitzvah. I ended up attending a Jewish Day School through my high school graduation. Nevertheless, I didn’t always feel as connected or tethered to the Jewish community as most of my classmates. My Father was born in 1948, right after the holocaust and the same year the state of Israel was created. He grew up humbly in the Jewish Weeqweiq section of Newark, attended Rutgers for Undergrad and Law School and has worked as a lawyer in Newark his whole life. He has a very laid back approach to life and is universally known as a caring, fun loving man. Though he enjoys speaking about politics and current events, he is mostly a pragmatist and definitely not perpetually longing for a better world. He has been a successful man while rejecting much of the typical capitalist culture. He is terrible at cutting costs, avoids firing employees at all costs, and is willing to take cases that many other lawyers would ignore for their lack of profit potential. He has not maximized his profit potential in life but he has done well enough to give his family a great life while being the person he wants to be.
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My Mother grew up in a humble working class suburb. She attended Rutgers undergrad and the Columbia grad school to become a social worker. She converted to Judaism Her father, Walter had been an orphan growing up working in the Pennsylvania Coal Mines with his four brothers and worked his entire life in a factory. He died of a heart attack before I ever had the chance to meet him, and I was given his name as my middle name. From what I’ve heard, my Grandfather and his brothers battled various physical and psychological disorders throughout their life, the result of a childhood lost to work in the coal mines. For most of my life, I have felt very little influence from my mother’s side of the family. Since
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Josh MarcusCruz Final Paper - Josh W Marcus Walter Why is...

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