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reac 4 - free life as one where the person has basic needs...

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What is Utopia? Carl Marx is famous for contending that Philosophy is only useful if it brings about change. With this in mind, I wonder at what point the world would be utopian and without need for further improvement. In reading about the devastating urban slums of third world countries in Mike Davis’s Planet of Slums, I am shocked at the sheer number of human beings living in abject poverty. I wonder whether it is possible to attain a world without poverty and what it might look like. Without getting too philosophical, I wonder if it is possible for everyone in the world to have a “poverty free” life. Obviously this is incredibly subjective and immeasurable. Nevertheless, if we define a poverty-
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Unformatted text preview: free life as one where the person has basic needs, liberties, and the chance at a fair education, what would it take for everyone to have this? The 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights lays out what every person in the world is entitled to as a human being. If the richest 1% in the world directly control 30% of world wealth, would a robinhood-esque wealth transfer make everyone in the world have a “good life”. Surely this would significantly raise the living standards of many Can there ever be peace...
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