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Josh Marcus Prof. Cruz Reaction Three: Genetics and Colonies It is fascinating to look at research on the colonial use of sexual and social control as a means of maintaining the success of their empire. One component that is particularly disturbing to study is the treatment of children from mixed races. The precise codified system for judging the legitimacy of colonized children had an incredibly strong impact on the lives of those in the colonies. It seems beyond inhumane that fathers would deny the “legitimacy” of their own children. Yet, those originating from the colonies were meticulously trained to recognize the “superior” genes of the those with pure roots in the mother country and the consequences of sexual diversity. Ann Laura Stoler’s article, t Making Empire Respectable: The Politics of Race and Sexual Morality in Twentieth Century Colonial Cultures incisively juxtaposed the evolution of colonial policy from recommending concubine relations to strictly requiring
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Unformatted text preview: racial isolation which was supported by “scientific” evidence. Despite the sharp contrasts in policy, the current policy was always vigorously imposed upon the colonizers and the colonized. Whether it meant children being sent back to the motherland at a young age or fathers seeing their children as illegitimate, the colonial policy of the time seems to have been reliably carried out by colonizers. The health of families and their children were a distant afterthought to the current policies of the mother-country. These policies were always centered on maintaining colonial power and the prestige of their empire. It is not surprising that medical research. The horrific notion of superior genetics perpetuated by those in power is consistent throughout history. It is a terrible. There are very few instances where this is more pronounced than European empire building....
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