Drawing entities and attributes

Drawing entities and attributes - notation. Also be sure...

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CIS336 Week 2 Lab STEP 1: Drawing entities and attributes Be sure to include all of the entities that have been defined? You need to include at least the primary and foreign key attributes where applicable in your diagram. STEP 2: Indication of all relationships Be sure that you link all entities based on PK to FK relationships. There may be a case where you need to identify a combination PK and if so make sure that all of the relationships involved are defined. Be sure that you have set your Visio editor to show Crows Foot
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Unformatted text preview: notation. Also be sure that you are defining the correct cardinality for the relationships. STEP 3: Naming of relationships Do not accept the default naming convention for your relationships in all cases. There may be some relationships where this is applicable, but in most cases you will want to explicitly name the relationship. Be sure that you have provided a name for both directions in the relationship....
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