tt2530 - 江西三创科技发展有限公司...

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Unformatted text preview: 江西三创科技发展有限公司 江西省南昌市高新区高新二路创业大厦5楼西 T. +86 0791 8105557 F.+86 0791 8101235 TRICOTECO(JIANGXI) ROOM 512,CHUANGYE BUILDING,GAOXIN 2 ROAD, E. [email protected] TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD NANCHANG,JIANGXI P.R.CHINA ZIP CODE.330096 W. Remarks Remarks Remarks Remarks : The The The The follow follow follow follow records records records records of of of of TT2530-L TT2530-L TT2530-L TT2530-L and and and and TT2530-H TT2530-H TT2530-H TT2530-H is is is is based based based based on on on on the the the the T=25 T=25 T=25 T=25°C and and and and VDD VDD VDD VDD = 3 V, unless unless unless unless other other other other explanations explanations explanations explanations Performance TT2 5 30-L TT2 5 30-H Us e Chip CC2 5 30 CC2 5 30+CC2591 Interface SMT SMT Serial Interface Options 3V TTL 3V TTL Serial Data Rate Up to 115.2 Kbps Up to 115.2 Kbps RF Baud Rate 250 Kbps 250 Kbps Receive Current ( Typical ) (Active Mode RX, CPU idle) 24 mA 2 7 mA Transmit Current ( Typical ) (Active Mode TX at 1 dBm, CPU idle) 29mA 1 66 mA Channels 16 16 Security 128 bit AES & SSP 128 bit AES & SSP Radio Frequency TT2 5 30-L TT2 5 30-H Frequency Band (software-selectable) 2400-2483.5 MHz 2400-2483.5 MHz Modulation DSSS QPSK DSSS QPSK Output Power-2 8 dBm-- 4.5 dBm variable-1 dBm-- 22.5 dBm variable Voltage 2 .0V- 3. 6 V 2 .0V- 3. 6 V Sensitivity ( Typical ) (@ full RF data rate)-9 7 dB m typical- 98.8 dB m (High Gain Mode)- 90.4 dB m (Low Gain Mode) Range (typical, depends on antenna/environment)...
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This note was uploaded on 09/04/2011 for the course ENGG tt2530 taught by Professor Chulun during the Spring '11 term at Art Inst. San Diego.

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tt2530 - 江西三创科技发展有限公司...

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