Advertising Notes - 8/25/2011 THE PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING...

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8/25/2011 THE PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING The AD Spiral Pioneering stage - purposes: to educate consumers about new products and services, to demonstrate a NEED they didn’t know they had, and that this product fills it, and show that a product now EXISTS which can fulfill -pros: get out in front of consumers before your competition -define the category to best reflect your product -become known as the market leader -cons: expensive: research and development (R&D), advertising costs -requires advertiser to educate consumers about why they need it -risky. there is an estimated 67% failure rate among new products Competitive Stage - when a product reaches a point where the general use- fulness is recognized, but its superiority over similar brands has yet to be established -Products that were pioneers usually have a short-term advantage in the com- petitive stage, but must continue to improve their products to stay head of competitors Retentive Stage -the product’s general usefulness is widely known, its individual qualities are appreciated, and consumers buy it based on its past reputation. Also known as REMINDER advertising -one big additional reason for reminder advertising: cognitive dissonance (buyer’s remorse) -advertising is HIGHLY VISUAL, and is basically name advertising -often feature a DOMINANT IMAGE and very FEW WORDS -intended to keep present customers and increase size of the TOTAL MARKET PROJECT 1: due 9/15 (thursday) find a full-page print ad (MAGAZINE-full page ad) for a product and determine which ad- vertising stage the product is currently in. based on the content of the ad, plus your knowledge on the product and its category, explain your reasons, using today’s lecture notes as a guide. have explanation typed and stapled, only a paragraph long. include
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Advertising Notes - 8/25/2011 THE PRINCIPLES OF ADVERTISING...

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