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Unformatted text preview: /*---------------------------------------------------Iniese Bernard UmahEE150 Project1Prof. Lan Xiang----------------------------------------------------*//*INTRODUCTION: this program will read in matix , and multiply the matrix with iits transpose---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*/#include <stdio.h>#include <stdlib.h>int matrix( int A[10], int n){ /* definding the function and n is the column*/int m,y,i=0,j=0;while(scanf("%d",&y)!=0){/*making sure that scanf reads in a numeric value*/A[i][j]=y;j++;if(j==n){ /*this will help in the determing the row,*/i++; /*at the end the value of m=i will be the number of row*/j=0;}}m = i;return m; /*this function returns the value of m which is the row*/}/*Matrix function ends********************************************************************************---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Printmatrix function begins---------------------------------------...
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This note was uploaded on 09/04/2011 for the course EE 150 taught by Professor Lanxiang during the Spring '11 term at Montgomery College.

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project1 - -Iniese Bernard UmahEE150 Project1Prof Lan...

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