Lecture10_handout - Standard output function: printf()...

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1 EE140: Introduction to 0t o d u c t o t o Programming Concepts for Engineers Lecture 10 1 Standard input/output functions Standard output function: printf() printf("formatted string", var 1 , var 2 , …, var n ); Formatted string: xt will be printed out as it is text will be printed out as it is % is the format indicator, which tells the computer that the value of a variable/expression will be printed out. The number of format indicators should match with the number of arguments at the end The format indicator should match with the data type of the argument Format indicators recognized by printf() d or %i har, short, int %d or %i char, short, int %e, %f, %g float, double %c text character (char) %s text string (char array) 2 Example 1: Displaying real values Real value Output using f Output sing %e Output sing %g %f using %e using %g 0.0 0.000000 0.000000e+00 0 23000.0 23000.000000 2.300000e+04 23000 2300000.0 2300000.000000 2.300000e+06 2.3e+06 0.0001234567 0.000123 1.234567e-04 0.000123 1e-23 0.000000 1.000000e-23 1e-23 3 -- Default for %f and %e: 6 digits after the decimal point -- %g: the minimum display of %f and %e with only significant digits -- We will discuss some advanced format controls such as “ %m.n f later on Advanced format control using printf() %[flag][width].[precision] format indicator flag: - left aligned +s i gn is always displayed, even for a positive number <space> insert a space before a positive number 0 pad a field with leading zeros
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Lecture10_handout - Standard output function: printf()...

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