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1 EE140: Introduction to 0t o d u c t o t o Programming Concepts for Engineers Lecture 11 1 Strings Overview Declare strings tring input and output functions String input and output functions gets() and puts() Character input and output functions getchar() and putchar() Strings manipulating functions #include <string.h> 2 Strings A string is a series of characters treated as a single unit Strings in C are represented as arrays of characters char name[8]="Welcome"; first character --> element 0 of the array second character --> element 1 of the array ..... a special null character ‘\0’ is added in the end d t t t i fht dht 3 In order to store a string of n characters, we need a character array of size n+1. Element We l c ome\ 0 [0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] Declaration of string /* string of known fixed length */ char name1[8]; //empty string char name1[8]="Welcome"; //string with initial value /* let compiler determinate the size for you */ char name2[ ] = “Welcome"; /* declare string with variable length*/ char *name3; 4 //name3 is a pointer to string, your will learn it in EE150 /*declare a constant string that cannot be modified */ const char name4[10]="students";
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2 Example 1 #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { char str[10]="Textbook"; // create a text string printf("%s\n", str); // display the string printf("%c\n", str[3]); //display which character? str[4]='\0'; printf("%s\n", str); //what will be displayed?
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Lecture11_handout - Overview Declare strings String input...

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