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main.c ******************************************************************/ #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include"matrix_functions.h" int main(void) { char com[2]; int cnt; int **matrices=NULL; int *row=NULL,*column=NULL; matrices=matrix_allocate_variable(4); row=matrix_allocate_variable(4); column=matrix_allocate_variable(4); printf(">>"); scanf("%s",&com); while(com[0]!='$') { cnt=(int)com[0]-65; matrix_new(matrices,row,column,com[0]); else if(com[0]=='+') matrix_add(matrices,row,column); else if(com[0]=='*') matrix_multiply(matrices,row,column); else if(com[0]=='^') matrix_transpose(matrices,row,column); else { fprintf(stderr,"ERROR: INVALID COMMAND.\n\n"); exit(1); } printf(">>"); scanf("%s",&com); } printf("END.\n\n"); return(0); } matrix_functions.h #ifndef _matrix_functions_h #define _matrix_functions_h
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/*********************************************************************** Dynamic Matrix Operations Standard Header File "matrix_function.h" ***********************************************************************/ /*The maximum number of rows/columns supported.*/ #define MAX_MATRICES 5 /*Allocate space for an object of size "size" bytes and return a pointer to it. Exit with an error message if this allocation request cannot be granted.*/ void *matrix_allocate_variable(int size);
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Proj#3 -...

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