Lab_4-5_Curved_Surface_Optical - Curved Surface Mirrors,...

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Curved Surface Mirrors, Lenses, and Optical Instruments Objective : During this week’s lab we had done two labs. Part one of this lab consisted us to study the images formed when the image was placed in front of a converging mirror and a converging lens. The second part of this experiment asked us to create a telescope and a magnifying glass using convex lens then evaluating the image. Equipment : Optics bench and holders Converging mirror Ruler Object and stand Converging lens Diverging lens and mirror Experiment 1 Part A : Objective : Evaluate the image formed by a converging mirror Procedure : Place a concave mirror on to the optic bench. Then taking a light source and place it at some distance, determine the focus of the concave mirror. Place the object which you wish to be the image for this experiment and measure its size. Once doing that, place the object at the various distances, 4f, 3f, 2f, 1.5f, 0.5f, where f is the focal length. Data : Experiment 1, Part 1 Observation : Focal length: 16.5cm Object Height: ¼ in Object Distance Image Distance Image type Image orientation Size Magnificatio n 1 66 cm 21 cm Real Inverted 0.1 in -0.318 2 49 cm 24 cm Real Inverted 0.1 in -0.48 3 33 cm 32.5 cm Real Inverted 0.3 in -0.98 4 24.5 cm 46 cm Real Inverted 0.5 in -1.87 5 8.2 cm Virtual
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Lab_4-5_Curved_Surface_Optical - Curved Surface Mirrors,...

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