Lab_6_Diffraction_Interference - Diffraction and...

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Diffraction and Interference Objective : To observe the behavior of the diffraction pattern from a single slit width, and also measure the distance between bright spots to calculate the distance between the double slit. Equipment : Single and double slits White light source Meter stick Diffraction Grating Laser Optical bench Single Slit Procedure : Obtain a stand where your laser and the optical bench where the slits can me placed. Once fixing the laser in place so that it will go through the optical bench, place a single slit on the optical bench and make the laser go through one of the slits. Once doing so, you will have a diffraction pattern. Trace the pattern onto a piece of paper and then measure the distance between the dark spots then collect your data. Observation : Wavelength: = . λ 632 8nm Length between the screen and slit: L = 67cm Slit width: a = 0.04 mm Tables obtained when measuring the distance between the dark spots. Trail 1
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Lab_6_Diffraction_Interference - Diffraction and...

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