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Objective : The purpose for this lab is to understand how electric and magnetic fields impact an electron beam, and to experimentally determine the electron charge-to-mass ratio. Equipment : 1. e/m Apparatus 2. Power supplies for apparatus 3. Ruler Procedure: General Procedure for Half-Life Measurements: A. Set up the electric and magnetic apparatus and power supplies. B. Select a voltage and current that will give a measureable radius of the electron orbit. Record the Data C. Repeat part B for four more voltage and current values Calculation : Magnetic Field: = . B 0 7155Nμ0IR Charge to Mass Ratio : = qm 2Vr2B2 Data, Analyze and Explanation : Accelerating Voltage (V) Current (I) Amphere Radius (cm) Magnetic field strength (B) Tesla Charge to mass ratio (e/m) 124 1.8 5 0.001403 2.01*10 11 172 1.5 7 0.001168 2.05*10 11 217 1.3 9 0.00101 2.01*10 11 402 2.1 8 0.00163 1.89*10 11 234 2.5 5 0.001948 1.97*10 11 Average Charge to Mass Ratio: . × 1 975 1011Ckg Percent Error: 12.8% Possible sources error could be the measurement:
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1. The measuring of the Helmholtz coil was not precise since the coils were not in a perfect circle’s.
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Lab_Report_8_Mass_Ratio - Objective The purpose for this...

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