V_UVdemo - = floor(len/fr_sz); %number of frames n beg = 1;...

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%this script detects voice speecj in an utterance %need a wave file called shout in current dir. clear all; close all; clc; [sp, fs] = wavread('Clean'); %read the speech file sp = sp(1:20000); sp = sp/max(sp); % normalizing the speech the speech signal s %Segment speech into frames fr_sz = 10/1000*fs; %frame size of 10ms len = length(sp); %length of the speech n_fr
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Unformatted text preview: = floor(len/fr_sz); %number of frames n beg = 1; enn = fr_sz; %initializing frames b for i = 1:n_fr, spf = sp(beg:enn); en(beg:enn) = sum(spf.^2)/fr_sz; beg = enn + 1; enn = enn + fr_sz; end figure; plot(sp); hold on; plot(en, 'r'); title('Speech and scaled energy'); xlabel('Sample'); ylabel('Amplitude'); legend('Speech', 'energy'); grid; g...
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