partA - d for i = 1:length(A) theta1(i) =

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' % %Iniese Umah % Part 1, (writing M-file) % clear all; close all; clc ; %1), generating a random matrix A with 10 columns and 3 row matirx A = rand(3,10); disp(A); %2) determinig the cosine angle betweeb it and the vector B = [1; 2; 3]; disp(B); disp('The ten angles are:')
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Unformatted text preview: d for i = 1:length(A) theta1(i) = ((dot(A(:,i),B))/(sqrt(sum(A(:,i).^2))*sqrt(sum(B.^2)))); w = sort(-theta1); t = abs(w); o = [t]; disp('The angle = '); disp(theta1(i)); end disp('The rank is'); disp(o);...
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