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partc2 - [W I =(sort-theta1 h =[I end e for j = 1:8...

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%Iniese Umah clear all; close all; clc; A = rand(50,900); A = vertcat(A,A,A,A); [P D Q] = svds(A,30); B = P*D*transpose(Q); x = A(:,1); syms Z Y K integer Y = 0; for i = 1:length(B); Z(i) = Y + i; theta1(i) = ((dot(B(:,i),x))/(sqrt(sum(B(:,i).^2))*sqrt(sum(x.^2))));
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Unformatted text preview: [W I] = (sort(-theta1)); h = [I]; end e for j = 1:8 sprintf('the cosine angle is %d\n from column %d\n\n\n',abs(W(j)),h(j)) end...
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