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Iniese Umah MA 284 Prof Gavilanez Search Engine Introduction: Mat-lab is an application package that uses Numerical methods and technique to solve arithmetic and logical operations. The Numerical method greatly expands the type of problems one can address. Mat-lab is capable of handling large systems of equations, nonlinearities, and complicated geometries that are not uncommon in engineering and science and that are impossible to solve analytically with standard calculus. For one to be able to use Mat-lab to solve systems of equation requires some knowledge from linear algebra, and other engineering courses. The purpose of this project was to implement data search using important concept from linear algebra. Analysis: First I created a random matrix A 50 * 900 . Then I used the mat-lab command “vertcat” to create a 200 by 900 matrix. I define a vector X , vector X is the first column of A. I then found the cosine of the angle between X and columns of A, using the dot product formula. The result was 900
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