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ENEE 313: SOLID STATE ELECTRONICS Instructor: Dr. Peckerar Phone: 301-405-7187 Office: AV Williams 1359 E-Mail: [email protected] Course Text: Solid State Electronics, B.G. Streetman, S.K Banerjee, 6 th ed, Prentice Hall References: Electrical Properties of Materials, l. Solymar, D. Walsh, 6 th ed., Oxford Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits, R.S. Muller, T.I. Kamins, 2 nd ed., Wiley* The goal of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the physical principles and materials science which underpins modern semiconductor device and circuit technology. Emphasis is on how materials modification influences circuit and device performance. Novel process technologies used to make advanced devices (such as quantum effect transistors and micro-electro-mechanical structures) will be covered. Lecture Topic 1 Basic Crystallography 2 Issues in Crystal Growth 3 Introduction to Quantum Theory of the Solid State
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Unformatted text preview: 4 Electronic Structure of Atoms, molecules and Solids 5 Quantum Description of Charge Transport in Solids I 6 Quantum Description of Charge Transport in Solids II 7 Carrier Generation and Optical Properties 8 The drift/diffusion formalism 9 PN-Junctions: Fabrication and Electrostatics 10 PN-Junctions: Transport 11 PN-Junctions; Breakdown and dynamic response 12 Novel Applications: Solar cells, Photodiodes, etc. 13 Bipolar Transistors: Basic Operation 14 Bipolar Transistors: First and Second Order Models 15 Bipolar Transistors: Circuit Behavior and Dynamic Response 16 Heterostructure Devices 17 FETs 18 Integrated Circuit Process Technology 19 Advanced Process Technology (Including MEMS) 20 Semiconductor Lasers 21 Power Devices: Thyristors, MCTs, etc. 22 Microwave Devices 23 Charge-Coupled Devices 24 OTHER DEVICES!...
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