Exam 3, Review

Exam 3, Review - 1 EXAM 3 REVIEW DARWIN & EVOLUTION...

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1 EXAM 3 REVIEW Pre-Darwin: o Life is organized as a ladder, from primitive types to more complex forms; all are striving to reach a perfect state. People knew fossils existed, but weren’t sure what to make of them. A few scientists did realize that fossils depicted previously existing life forms and that some of these represented forms very similar in appearance to present day types, and that some looked like creatures they had never seen before. Remember, this is a time when people believed in spontaneous generation (life could spring from non-living material), in witches, etc. Also, of course, religion and religious doctrine had a huge role in all facets of people’s lives during this period. Thus, most believed in creationism and that the Earth was a relatively young world (6000 yrs old). o Cuvier was the first to see a pattern among the fossil evidence, that the fossils appeared in different layers in rock formations. Those that resembled the modern day species were near the top (i.e., younger in age), fossils that were more dissimilar in appearance from modern day types appeared in progressive layers below these more recent types.
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Exam 3, Review - 1 EXAM 3 REVIEW DARWIN & EVOLUTION...

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