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Lesson 2 Working the Line My experience working on the line at an FBO was an experience I will always value. It provided me with an appreciation for those who work to make every flight a success. Whether the aircraft is a Cessna 172, a Lear 60, or a Boeing 737, there are countless individuals working behind the scenes to get the operation airborne. This time working at the FBO also helped me with two very helpful skills in aviation, it helped me get very good at aircraft identification, and allowed me to improve my networking skills and learn of opportunities in aviation. If you have the chance to work for an FBO it can provide valuable learning experiences and allow you to build networking opportunities. I had the privilege of working for an FBO at an executive airport located in the suburbs of Kansas City. The FBO was called Kansas City Aviation Center (KCAC). When I worked the line with KCAC I had the opportunity to provide a variety of aircraft services to transient and permanent aircraft. Some of the services we provided included the following: Marshalling Tugging Refueling Aircraft Cleaning Baggage Handling Oxygen Service Beyond line service the FBO also offered: Flight Instruction Aircraft Rental Rental Car Service Limousine Service Catering Conference Rooms Pilot Lounges Pilot Shop Part 135 Charter Maintenance Aircraft Management Overall, KCAC provided almost every aspect of customer service required to support any operation. Most importantly, they prided themselves on a high standard of excellence in every aspect of their service. Red Carpet Treatment Often companies will provide little perks that remind customers how much they are appreciated. If you check into a Double Tree hotel you will almost always get a hot homemade cookie when you arrive. Other hotels will have truffles or chocolates waiting on your pillow. These subtle reminders of appreciation leave a lasting impression on patrons. As I worked line service at KCAC we provided a simple but psychologically important service in the form of a simple red doormat. These simple rubber-backed red-carpeted doormats were rolled out at the foot of the door of any aircraft that stopped on our ramp. These doormats only measured 4’x3’ and were relatively cheap to purchase, but the thought that goes through customers minds as they stepped out of their aircraft was “Wow, Red-Carpet Treatment!” This lasting effect of this red carpet treatment was evident as we saw repeat customers week after week. Furthermore, the red carpet was backed up by prompt and efficient service. Without quality service and a positive experience at the FBO the red carpet would be more like a red flag.
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Attracting Business Any time an aircraft lands at an airport, as a minimum they need a place to park. Beyond parking they could use a number of services provided by the FBO. It is interesting to observe competing FBOs that are in close proximity on the same airfield. Often they will have large signs easily visible
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AVSC 1030 Lesson 2 - Lesson 2 Working the Line My...

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