AVSC 1030 Lesson 5 - Lesson 5 Introduction Passenger rights...

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Introduction Passenger rights and carrier responsibilities can be broken down into several areas. We will attempt to cover the most dominant and applicable issues. Some of the subjects that will be covered are as follows: 1. Air Fares 3. Delayed or Canceled flights 4. Overbooking 5. Baggage 6. Smoking 7. Passengers with Disabilities 8. Frequent flier programs 9. Contract terms 10. Travel Scams 11. Your Health 12. Airline Safety 13. Complaining This lecture will cover the first seven items listed above. The remaining items will be covered in the following lecture. The Department of Transportation is the best location for this information; however, most of the information covered in these lectures can be found through numerous government and airline resources. Airlines regularly change the way they do business so some of this information could change over time. Air Fares In the post-deregulation environment competition between airlines and competitive pricing is a big part of air travel. Travelers have a variety of places to look when searching for the best airfares. Travel agents, airlines themselves, and travel websites all provide airfare and ticket information. It is important when looking for a low fare to ask if there are any airlines offering promotions. Often new carriers entering a new market will have promotions to help them establish business. Passengers who are flexible in their travel plans, plan ahead and purchase early, and ask about discounts or promotions are most likely to get the lowest fares. Additionally, the passengers who purchase tickets that are non-refundable are also more likely to get a cheaper seat, however, the risk is upon the buyer. If they don’t’ make the trip or cancel they will not be refunded or credited the price of the ticket. Some airlines may reserve the right to increase the fare after the ticket is purchased. You should be aware of this policy prior to purchasing the ticket. Other airlines work somewhat opposite of this. They will actually refund you the difference if they fare drops for the flight, but it is not something the airline will go out of their way to communicate to passengers. It is important for customers to ask the airline themselves. Several of the more popular websites for price shopping airfares are Orbitz, Priceline, and Travelocity. These websites search available airlines and find the lowest fares for the trip you want to take. There is a fee for using these companies but the savings may be worth the fee. Some airlines may have discounts that others don’t offer, and in larger metropolitan areas where airlines utilize more than one airfield, it may be cheaper to fly out of one airport versus another. Some questions to ask prior to purchasing a ticket:
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AVSC 1030 Lesson 5 - Lesson 5 Introduction Passenger rights...

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