AVSC 1030 Lesson 8 - Lesson 8 INTRODUCTION Many companies...

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INTRODUCTION Many companies fail to consistently keep in touch with their customers by seeking out their customers’ opinions. Only 2%-5% of unsatisfied customers will actually complain without being solicited to do so. This statistic should tell us a lot. If only 2%-5% of unsatisfied customers express their unsatisfactory experience that means roughly 90% of the customers who were unsatisfied will not return to your business. Furthermore, your company will probably not be aware of the reason these customers have taken their business elsewhere. In this lecture we will discuss the importance of seeking out your customers’ opinions, learning how to communicate the problems, and then doing something about it. With these steps in place you will be able to get the feedback that will make the changes necessary in running a successful customer service based company. ENCOURAGING FEEDBACK FROM YOUR CUSTOMERS How should you ask? There are so many methods in seeking out your customers’ feedback. It doesn’t matter which method you choose. It’s just important that you seek it. People are busy, and because of this you have to beg for their feedback, both the positive and the negative. You have to be active in soliciting feedback and also be able to find a method that is not meddling or intrusive, and is simple to obtain. LISTEN I have heard of a hotel that has a system for gathering feedback called, Elevator Ears. This method encourages employees to take the elevator and to spend time listening to the guests’ comments. This technique makes it so easy to gather information with out being meddling or intrusive to your customers, and is easily gathered. The hotel is being active in their efforts to gather the feedback. The airline industry is abundant with these types of opportunities: hallways, waiting rooms, ticket lines, security lines, or any other public area. Something unique to the airline industry is that there are definite moments when you can “capture” the customer. Whether on the actual plane or at the ticket counter you can have a customer’s undivided attention to ask questions. Those moments should be utilized because the customer is right there and able to give their feedback with out distractions. In this lecture we will discuss two types of gathering feedback from customers. They are Quantitative and Qualitative methods. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. A combination of both will provide you with the most accurate picture of the customer service experience at your business. QUANTITATIVE METHODS Quantitative methods Questionnaires Phone surveys Internet questionnaires Interviews These modes of gathering feedback can all be quantified statistically with actual numbers. A business can use actual numbers to decide whether or not specific services are satisfactory. If the numbers show from a questionnaire that 80% did not like your website, then you definitely will want to make changes to accommodate those numbers. Keep in mind that the statistics involved
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AVSC 1030 Lesson 8 - Lesson 8 INTRODUCTION Many companies...

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