AVSC 1030 Lesson 11 - Lesson 11 INTRODUCTION In the airline...

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Lesson 11 INTRODUCTION In the airline industry there are numerous scenarios that can cause customers to be upset, angry, aggressive, and rude. An entire TV program has been produced based on these scenarios. “Airline”, created by them. Delayed flights, canceled flights, lost baggage, drunk passengers, late passengers, and the list could go on and on with these types of scenarios in which airline employees face the wrath of an angry customer. This is a business in which you must be able to deal with a customer that is difficult. The phrase, “the customer is always right” is used frequently in the customer service business. Whoever said this phrase has clearly not dealt with customers. Many times the customer is not correct, but the customer’s perception of being right is their reality. In the customer service business you must respect their reality. Satisfying an angry customer can be accomplished in almost any circumstance you will face. How you handle your difficult customer will either end in their satisfaction or in you fostering their already negative feelings. Satisfying a customer who is angry from the moment you begin a conversation is a difficult job. Given the right tools and strategies you will hopefully learn how to control the situation, understand their concern, rectify the problem, and ultimately retain them as your customer. WHY CUSTOMERS GET UPSET 1. The customer’s expectations were not met: This is a common problem that most of us have experienced in a variety of situations. Going through the drive through and as you reach for your food you are missing part of your order, or you bring home a new shirt and discover a button is missing. There are a variety of these examples, and the airline industry has its share. I once purchased a ticket thinking it would take me to my destination with no problems. I had a lay over in Dallas and when I approached the counter to check in again the ticket agent informed me that I may not be able to get on the flight because it was overbooked. We have all had experiences such as this and nothing is more frustrating than to have an expectation fall short. The only solution to this problem is to set a higher standard for the products or services provided by your company. Be up front with your customer and make certain that you let them know in advance if there is anything conditional or unusual about a particular product or service. If a problem does arise from an unmet expectation offer an alternative that is as good, if not better than the original agreement. 2. The customer has been treated rudely: Nothing gets a customer angry quicker than being treated badly. Once again, it could be just a perception of the customer. But, the customer’s perception is their reality, and we have to value that opinion in how we handle the situation. WHY CUSTOMERS GET UPSET (continued)
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AVSC 1030 Lesson 11 - Lesson 11 INTRODUCTION In the airline...

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