AVSC 2180 Lesson 5 - Lesson 5 Computer Reservation Systems...

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Lesson 5 Computer Reservation Systems Computer Reservation Systems are a work in progress. The original developers could not visualize the route that automation would take. They most certainly could not have been aware that an entire industry would develop from the early attempts to find solutions to their current problems. The early computer systems stored and retrieved information and processed simple transactions for the airline industry. The evolution of technical capacity combined with a changing business climate created an environment that nurtured a fledgling Information Technology (IT) industry. Early Computer Reservations Systems (CRS) are today's Global Distribution Systems (GDS); these systems transcend industries, nationalities and cultures, affecting the way we do business and communicate on a very personal level. IT technology developed by the airlines has fostered the cross pollination of computer systems into virtually every business discipline imaginable and has reached into our personal lives to a far greater extent than we are often aware of. Try to imagine going through a single day without doing an activity that, in some way, is not touched by computer technology. Data gathered, stored and processed by the reservations systems has a broad application base across multiple business disciplines. This fact, along with financial considerations prompted most airlines to divest of direct holdings GDS systems by creating independent entities that market system features to a host of travel and non-travel related businesses. The market place for IT continues in a constant state of flux as new technologies in both hardware and software continue to emerge. Technology advance is the foundation that facilitated the phenomenal progress in the use of automated computer systems over the past 20 years and it provides one of the greatest challenges to current IT managers. American Airlines and IBM's experience with technology was one of the primary factors that allowed both firms the early success and eventual domination in the automated reservations and computer system industries. Challenges for today's IT and business managers in many ways mirror those experienced by their predecessors. An understanding of how the airline systems developed, and the processes that eventuated in current systems is essential in order to stay ahead of the curve as computer systems continue to proliferate and increase in complexity and capacity. Brief Review Although the following highlights have been discussed, a brief review is in order before discussing the reservations systems as they exist today. Why were the systems developed and why are they important to each of us today? Rapidly expanding demand for air travel and antiquated methods of accounting for available seat
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AVSC 2180 Lesson 5 - Lesson 5 Computer Reservation Systems...

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