AVSC 2180 Lesson 12 - Lesson 12 Computer Applications for...

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Lesson 12 Computer Applications for Airline Training Educational and training software is used in applications for on-site training and distance or online learning for process specific functions such as equipment operation, job processes and technical support. Software may be Internet or Web-based, purchased and downloaded for use on a local computer system or purchased and distributed over networked systems for educating and training large numbers of users. Distance Learning Distance learning software is a form of Web-based software. Examples of this type of software include; educational and training software used by secondary and post secondary educational institutions (High Schools, Colleges and Universities), professional education and training (continuing education credit for teachers and attorneys for example) and technical training and support for products and services offered by a wide variety of commercial, industrial and technical entities. The purpose or objective of these programs is to disseminate accurate information to a large audience in the most efficient, economical manner possible. Computer programs create the ability to generate economies of scale across multiple operational borders rapidly and efficiently. Online or distance learning generates a learning pathway with linked assignments and tests available at the user's convenience. Computer software makes course material available for learner access based on provider authorization. A part of the software usually referred to as a Learning Management System (LMS) tracks student progress and provides immediate feedback. This type of interactive participation fosters quality learning and information retention by students. Business application of Distance Learning Corporations use online software training to advance employee skills. This type of software is often referred to as computer based training (CBT). CBT simulation is often "task-based" which means that the instruction objective focuses on the performance of a specific job function or procedure. Examples might include teaching an employee how to add new users to a network, instruction on the proper use of a specific piece of equipment or machinery or complex flight emergency simulations for commercial airline pilots. Specific components of educational and training software can also involve training a large user population over a network. E-centric is a term used to describe those firms that adopt and implement effective electronic based learning programs. American Airlines one of the largest scheduled air carriers; offering over 4,200 flights daily to destinations worldwide, is becoming an e-centric company. The challenge is how to efficiently connect more than 110,000 employees in 40 countries with timely company information, such as current events within the company, industry and international news that directly affects employees, multiple job function training, Human Resources, and scheduling. Erwan Perhirin, manager of the Employee PC
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AVSC 2180 Lesson 12 - Lesson 12 Computer Applications for...

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