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A time when I had to test a theory was when I started doing work for a company that goes by the name of Aerospace. At Aerospace we manufactured cables, door actuators, other defense equipment for the military and independent contractors that did work for the military as well. The theory that I had to test was related to my production. I was assigned to run a line and train fellow coworkers to which I was working with on how to run the line. The theory I need to test was whether or not my production would increase if I followed the standard procedures for the company or I needed to improvise and come up with my own techniques. Throughout the process I found that using my own techniques well incorporating company procedures provided me with the most functionality/flexibility. The informal method of research I used was of an observational nature or observation for short. While collecting data on my own time I had also observed the many different methods used by my fellow coworkers. I learned that each individual had his or her own method of getting work done and keeping the pace. There are many strategies that can be used in a work environment; however, one must look at all variables such as: is it safe, will it pose a quality issue, and will it allow them to work faster or just slow them down. Conducting this research was rewarding in many ways, not only was I able to increase my production but also gained a better standing with my manager. This method of research is similar to that of a research method used by psychologists because it
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Justin+Testing+A+Theory-1 - A time when I had to test a...

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