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Edison (with help) invented a crude phonograph, a slight improvement on the world's first by Edouard- Leon Scott de Martinville, and sold it to make money. He then invested this money well and hired many people to start his business. A good business move, I grant you, but he's not even a real inventor. His money came by making all ready existing tech slightly better, and that's it. He was a ruthless business man and even more so a liar. Now Tesla, the man who invented the future. Nearly all tech today, and I do mean nearly all, is because of this man. Tesla did not invent products to make money, he was not concerned by this, he made things to advance man-kind. To put that into perspective he tore up a contact with his friend George Westinghouse, which would have made easily the richest man in the world and the first billionaire. So
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Unformatted text preview: money wise Tesla was way ahead of Edison he just did not want to see his friend go bust. Even if he only invented AC he was a million steps ahead of Edison, but that's not all he invented. Yes he lied to J.P. Morgan about one of his investments, but why? Morgan invested money in to Tesla's radio research, but Tesla created wireless electricity which was not only green and ever-lasting but free. It was the latter that incensed Morgan when he realised he "could not put a meter on it" and therefore not make money. Think about that free, unlimited and green electricity for all, while we (over 100 years later) rape the land for the dirty oil we rely upon so bad....
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