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Compare+and+Contrast+Paragraphs - I do not feel as though...

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I do not feel as though compare and contrast paragraphs would be necessary to my paragraphs however, having compare and contrast as a part of my essay would be more encouraging, informative, and add to the factor of persuasion. In many ways the paragraphs of my paper include the aspect of comparing and contrasting, wherein I relate to other schools and how their policy's create a sense of security and comfort with similar principles that show results, this is a point which needs more contrast to show how schools provide better results through the use of school uniforms. There is comparing and contrasting that takes place within my essay that show differences and similarities to some extent, the main change that needs to unfold within the essay is that it could use more similarities. The reason for providing compare and contrast in my essay is so that the audience might see how the current policy's do not reflect necessary changes that would benefit the schools and their students. This could start with a correlation between how private/military uniformed schools provide for more discipline
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